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Men's PJ tops

Men's PJ tops

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Revolutionary new products for eczema and psoriasis patients. Recommended by dermatologists in the EU, now available in the UK.

Eczema often itches more at night. Minimise irritation and soothe your skin with Tepso® eczema PJs. The inner surface is made of super smooth, cooling Tepso® fibres which glide over the skin, reducing friction and chaffing. The outer surface is made of knitted cotton that moves with you, the cotton fibres themselves are twisted to minimise bobbling.

As well as being smooth, Tepso® fibres are also very dense. As a result they don't absorb moisture, this means that creams and ointments are absorbed by your skin rather than you PJs. The smooth, dense fibres also inhibit microbial activity, reducing the risk of skin infections.

Our PJs are designed with delicate skin in mind. The loose cut, fully enclosed seams and external labelling ensure comfort. These PJs are so comfortable that you won't want to take them off and so stylish that you don't need to.

  • Super smooth, cooling Tepso® inner surface glides over the skin
  • Enclosed seams and external, easy to remove labels minimise irritation
  • Loose fitting, stretch knit for comfort
  • Creams or ointments are absorbed by your skin not our garments
  • Easy care. Our eczema underwear washes really well and retains its shape, even at low temperatures

51 % Tepso®, 46 % cotton, 3 % polyamide

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