Tepso and ScratchSleeves

The Tepso clothing range was developed in Italy, where the clothing still made today. Seeing the growing popularity of the range in the EU, the Tepso team wanted to make the range more accessible in the UK. By partnering with the team behind ScratchSleeves, the established UK children's eczema brand, we are now able to share the unique benefits of Tepso's eczema clothing range, without the risk of customers incurring unexpected import costs.

ScratchSleeves was established in 2008, when owners Jae and Mark started to sell their novel design of scratch mitts, developed to help manage their infant son's eczema. That infant son is now over 6 feet tall and has long grown out of the worst of his eczema, but he and his equally scratchy little sister are proud ambassadors of the company founded in response to their eczema.

The ScratchSleeves blog shares the family's eczema journey, charting their highs and lows and documenting the things they have learnt along the way. This blog was the inspiration for 'The Calm Skin Guide: How to Manage Childhood Eczema' due for publication in 2024. We are hoping that the Tepso UK blog is equally successful. Follow us on social media for updates on new blog posts are they are published.

The ScratchSleeves team pride themselves in their customer service, if there is anything that you think Tepso could be doing better in the UK, just drop us a line.