Made with fabric designed specifically for delicate and damaged skin

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  • Reduce friction

    Super smooth Tepso® fibres glide over sore skin, reducing friction and discomfort. Smoother even than silk.

  • Enable healing

    Dense Tepso® fibres mean that creams are absorbed by your skin, not your clothing.

  • Long-lasting and easy-care

    Strengthened with polyamide or cotton, our garments are both durable and wash well, even at low temperatures.

A unique approach to eczema clothing

We know that living with sore, itchy skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis can be miserable. We know that the urge to scratch can be impossible to ignore. While there are many strategies for managing itchy skin that can and do work for some people, there are times when protecting your skin from scratching is the only option. This is when Tepso can help.

Starting with the fibre itself...

The revolutionary fibre used exclusively in Tepso fabrics was developed specifically for use in eczema and psoriasis clothing and is unique to us. No other eczema clothing brand has taken this 'fibre first' approach. The resulting fabric is smoother than any other, allowing it to glide over sore and damaged skin. This smoothness, coupled with the density of the fibres, gives our eczema clothing a welcome cooling sensation whenever you put our garments on.

... then the fabrics...

The super smooth fibres are knitted into equally smooth stretch knit fabrics which move with your body. Where possible, our garments are knitted directly from the fibres meaning that there is no need for seams. This includes our gloves and socks. Depending on the garment, we may need to add other fibres to maintain adequate stretch or give extra strength and volume. If you are sensitive to other fibres you can check the full product content details listed clearly on each product page or contact us for more information.

... next, design and construction...

We pay the same level of attention to the design and finish of our products, from seamless eczema gloves with an inner surface of super-smooth Tepso fibres to stylish, eczema-friendly sleepwear with easy to remove labels and hidden seams that you won’t want to take off. Our protective eczema base layers come in a range of designs so you can find the one sits invisibly under your regular clothing.

... and finally the maintenance

Tepso fibres are unusually dense, meaning that they don’t absorb fluids easily. For eczema and psoriasis sufferers, this has a number of benefits: your creams won’t be absorbed by our products, instead they will be absorbed by your skin; and, as the fibres haven’t absorbed your creams, your Tepso clothing will wash really well. Maintaining its shape and colour over many, many washes; the same lack of absorbancy means that Tepso clothing wicks moisture away from your skin. Keeping you comfortable for longer. It also means our eczema clothing dries quickly after washing, so you can wear it again and again during flare-ups.

Tepso on trial

Tepso socks are proven to reduce the symptoms of psoriasis pustulosa, a skin condition similar to discoid eczema that typically affects the feet of psoriasis patients.

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Scanning Electron Microscope images of Tepso fibres compared with silk, cotton and linen fibres showing how smooth Tepso fibres are in comparison

What makes Tepso's eczema clothing so unique?

Tepso's eczema and psoriasis clothing uses fibres designed specifically to be super smooth and biocompatible. No other clothing brand uses this approach.

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