About Tepso

What makes Tepso so unique?

Tepso is a revolutionary, super smooth fibre with a very high density. Fabric made with Tepso fibres is extremely smooth and slippery. This minimises the friction between skin and fabric, making Tepso fabrics ideal for specialist eczema and psoriasis clothing.

Tepso fibres are currently the smoothest fibres available for clothing manufacture. Smoother than even silk (and more durable).

Comparison of smoothness of Tepso fibres compared to silk, cotton and linen in scanning electron microscope images

The smoothness of the Tepso fibres also creates a cooling fabric. The lack of 'fluff' and open knit of the fabrics minimises the heat trapped in tiny air pockets against the skin, while the smoothness of the fabric maximises contact with skin increasing the rate that heat is conducted away.

Unlike natural fibres, Tepso fabrics do not absorb moisture, including sweat and emollients. This means that Tepso clothing wicks sweat away from the skin keeping you cool and comfortable and more of your emollient can be absorbed by your skin.

Durability is often a problem with specialist eczema and psoriasis clothing. This is not the case for Tepso clothing. The Tepso fibres are unusually durable meaning that Tepso clothing typically lasts much longer and keeps its shape better than other clothing ranges.

Introducing the Tepso clothing range

The Tepso clothing range incorporates these super smooth fibres in a variety of ways to maximise wearability.

  • Skin Protector products including base layers and night-time gloves are made from a blend of Tepso fibres and elastane. These garments are light-weight and are so thin that you will barely notice that you are wearing them. As this fabric is more delicate and can be snagged relatively easily, these products are designed to be worn under clothing or at night.
  • Skin Active products are made with with a double faced knit. The inside surface is made of Tepso fibres while the outer surface is polyamide fibres to give a durable finish. These products, including daytime gloves, socks and underwear, include stretch fibres to ensure that they mould comfortably to your body.
  • Skin Comfort products also use a double faced knitted fabric. In this range the inner surface for Tepso fibres is coupled with an outer surface of twisted cotton blend to give a comfortable, conventional and durable finish. These products include nightwear and polo shirts. 

Why buy Tepso?

As well as being super smooth, Tepso fibres are also very dense giving some surprising (and welcome) additional benefits for eczema and psoriasis sufferers. 

  • Super smooth fibres minimise friction, allowing Tepso's eczema clothing to glide over sore and damaged skin. Minimising irritation and protecting skin from the bumps and brushes of everyday life.
  • Tepso fibres are so dense that don't absorb fluids readily. This contrasts with natural fibres commonly used in special eczema clothing and means that Tepso clothing does not absorb emollients used to treat dry skin. Instead, emollients are held in place on the surface of the skin where they are needed.
  • This same lack of absorbency, also means that Tepso fibres are very effective at wicking sweat away from the skin and allowing it to evaporate, keeping you comfortable and cool whatever the weather.
  • The smoothness of Tepso fibres coupled with their lack of absorbency inhibits microbial activity with the fabrics, reducing the risk of skin infections. 
  • Compared to natural fibres, Tepso fibres are noticeably more durable. Our eczema clothing will continue to protect you (and look good) for year after year.
  • As Tepso fibres absorb so little, they wash really well. Usually stubborn emollient residues are readily removed even at low temperatures, keeping Tepso's eczema clothing looking and feeling good for wash after wash.