Washing instructions

Tepso clothing should be washed either by hand or using the delicate cycle of your washing machine with no spin. We recommend using a net laundry bag to protect from tangling with other clothing during the wash. Do not wash with any items that have velcro type fastenings, metal zips or hard embellishments (such as sequins) that may catch and pull on the Tepso inner surfaces. 

  • Hand wash or machine wash in a laundry bag using a delicates cycle
  • Items containing elastane (including gloves , socks and underwear) should not be washed at more than 30℃
  • Do not spin or tumble dry
  • Cool iron
  • Avoid detergents containing bleach

The two fibre construction of the Skin Comfort range (PJs and leisure wear) means that some width-wise shrinkage may occur during washing. If this occurs, gently stretch the affected garments or iron width-wise with a cool iron.