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Our super smooth gloves have been designed specially for severe eczema and psoriasis sufferers. The inner surface of our eczema gloves is made up of super smooth Tepso® fibres, reducing the friction between skin and fabric and minimising the risk of skin irritation.

Discover Tepso's range of eczema gloves

Tepso's eczema gloves are like no other eczema gloves.

No other brand uses the same uniquely smooth and dense fibres, making Tepso gloves comfortable to put on even over cracked and broken skin.

The density of the fibres ensure that eczema creams soak into your hands rather then your gloves, meaning that Tepso gloves encourage healing at the same time as protecting your sore skin.

And talking of creams, keeping clothing looking good and free from oily residues is challenging for every eczema or psoriasis sufferer. The unique dense fibres used in Tepso eczema gloves solve this problem. As creams aren't absorbed in the first place, they don't need to be washed out. Keeping your gloves looking good wash after wash.

As with all good eczema gloves, Tepso gloves are seamless and snug fitting making them comfortable and practical to wear whatever you're doing. The snug fit is achieved with elastane, so if you are sensitive to this fibre, please do contact us for alternatives.

Check out our range of colours and fibres blends to find your new favourite eczema gloves