• Eczema bed sheet
    Eczema bed sheet

    Always fresh and soft lying sensation;
    No friction when turning and moving around;

    £ 199,00

Eczema bed sheet

Allergy and eczema bed sheets

  • Allergic duvet.
  • Allergy-sufferer bed linen.
  • Single sheet (set of 2 single sheets and 1 pillowcase).
  • The fabric is extremely smooth
  • Ointment does not soak into the gloves and therefore works more effectively on the skin
  • Very breathable
  • Mild cooling effect on the skin Soothing to the skin
  • Reduces itching
  • No heat accumulation
  • Clinically proven
  • Cream or stains wash off easily. Do not stick to the tepso fibre
  • Protection against bacteria and fungi
  • Material does not stick to the skin
  • Recommended by dermatologists
  • Retains its shape after many washes
  • Seams and labels on the outside
  • Made in Austria & Italy
  • Very long life. Sustainable
  • Fibre with inhibiting effect on bacteria and fungi, without added pharmaceutical substances
  • Very little friction. Skin irritation is therefore drastically reduced


2 sheets (1 fitted sheet, 1 classic sheet - can also be used to protect the duvet) plus a pillowcase in the package
Always fresh and soft lying feeling
No abrasion when moving and turning
Finally sleep again without annoying itching
Bacteria, pollen and dust mites cannot adhere to the very smooth Tepso fibre.

Since everyday life with neurodermatitis or an allergy is already very nerve-wracking for those affected, a sufficient night's rest is all the more important. If you would like to prevent sleepless nights in the future and start the day with renewed vigour, you have a good option in the form of our single sheet.

Take advantage of these benefits and strengthen yourself for the fight against your allergies or neurodermatitis! It is very worthwhile!

Dimensions sheet

90x200 cm

Dimensions pillow

75x50 cm


66 % Tepso®
34 % cotton


Simone 5.0 van 5 stars


thank you very much! My son is really looking forward to his new knight armour, as he calls it (because of the weight and the pleasant coolness). The old armour had become much too small after 3 years of continuous use. The quality of your products is super, we are very happy to be able to give our neurodermatitis sufferer relief with your help!

We also use the sheet from your company and clearly notice the difference in our son's skin. In the phases when he has a flare-up, his skin recovers better when he sleeps on the Tepso sheet. I couldn't imagine the argument with the abrasion at first, but I see a clear improvement not only in the regeneration of the skin overnight, but also in the quality of my son's sleep.

We use the T-shirts and leggings intensively day and night as a buffer under our clothes, in the cold season also outside the push phases. The underwear is very easy to care for, dries very quickly and the workmanship of the seams is of high quality - so far we have not had any problems with the seams unravelling, as is unfortunately regularly the case with products from other manufacturers.


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