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Eczema underwear line

If you suffer from psoriasis or atopic dermatitis / eczema in the intimate or anal regions, you know how unpleasant it can be to wear underwear. Constant itching and burning which is also very emotionally impairing. Do you want it to stop at last? Our panty made from Tepso® “skin active” material gives you this opportunity, and you can make use of the following benefits:

  • The Tepso® “skin active” surface means high wearing comfort;
  • No friction or irritation of affected regions;
  • Scratchy seams and labels are on the outside;
  • Elegant lace on the front edge for a good look;
  • Extremely smooth on the skin.

More advantages Tepso:

The fabric is extremely smooth.

Ointment is not absorbed into the gloves and thus acts more effectively on the skin.

Very breathable.

Mild cooling effect on the skin Soothing to the skin.

Reduces itching.

No heat accumulation.

Clinically proven.

Cream or stains easily wash off. Do not stick to the Tepso fiber.

Inhibits growth of bacteria and fungi.

Clothing does not stick to the skin.

Recommended by dermatologists.

Keeps its shape after many washes.

Seams and labels on the outside.

Made in Italy & Austria.

Very long wearing life. Sustainable.

Fiber with inhibitory effect on bacteria and fungi, without the addition of pharmaceutical substances.

Very little friction. Skin irritation is thus drastically reduced.

Our panty lets you wear fashionable underwear while also preventing worsening itchiness from your psoriasis or atopic dermatitis / eczema. This gives you a better everyday feeling and ensures that you can at least completely forget your disorder from time to time.

Get some and use these benefits!

Made of

  • 95 % Tepso®
  • 5 % elastane
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